About Allison

My mission is to assist my clients in aligning their financial decisions with their values, and to provide a friendly, confidential and non-judgmental environment in which clients feel comfortable discussing their personal finances.

My Background

I am a CPA with 19 years experience. I graduated from the College of William & Mary in 1997 with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting, and passed the CPA exam the following fall.  I then spent eight years at a public accounting firm in the Washington, DC area, where I performed audits and prepared tax returns before moving into litigation consulting and forensic accounting.  My primary responsibility at that time was to do research and assist in preparing expert reports for litigation.  Twelve years ago I had my first child and transitioned into part-time work.  I have worked for an accounting firm here in Portland, Maine, every tax season since, mostly preparing individual tax returns.  I’ve also served on the finance committee of the Falmouth Memorial Library for the past fourteen years, and I’m on my fourth term as a trustee of the library.  I served as treasurer for five of those years.   I’m currently serving as co-chair of the library’s capital campaign, which is raising $2.8 million for an expansion.

A few years ago I started soul searching to determine where I wanted my career to go.  I discovered that I had a hidden passion for personal finance.  It’s an area that I’ve always enjoyed planning in my own life, and friends and family members often come to me with their financial questions.  Once I realized that I could create a career out of something that I loved, I wrote a business plan and started this business.  I love connecting with people, and I love talking and thinking about personal finance.  This career is a perfect combination of the two.