Media Appearances

I was a guest panelist on the first two personal finance episodes of Maine Calling on Maine Public Radio. You can stream the first episode (December 1, 2016) here, and the second episode (January 23, 2017) here.

Featured On News Center Maine


Here’s a link to an article that I wrote for Essential Living Maine magazine, about financial mindfulness.

And a link to another Essential Living Maine article I wrote for parents who are trying to balance long-term goals of college savings and retirement.

This article is about the importance of talking to your kids about money.

Here’s a blog I posted on the Maine Collaborative Law Alliance page about some key tax issues that most people face when going through a divorce.

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I’ve created some short videos on topics such as life insurance, dealing with life transitions and prioritizing debt.  They’re all available on my YouTube channel or you can watch them here.

Other Personal Finance Related Links

I’ve pulled together some links below to other websites that I think are particularly helpful in understanding more about certain aspects of personal finance.   I will be adding to this list as I come across other great resources that I want to share.   If you want me to find and post links on a particular topic, e-mail me.

College Savings

Here’s a good resource for information about 529 college savings plans. Information about Maine NextGen, Maine’s 529 plan.

Student Loans

This is the governmental website relating to student loans, including programs to pay off federal loans.

Here’s the link to the page of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau website that relates to repayment plans for loans.

Here’s a link to the Student Finance Learning Center from Fiscal Tiger with lots of articles aimed at college students, covering everything from a basic glossary to financial aid to roommate finances.

This is a blog post about top ways to reduce student loan debt.

Here you can find the website for FAME (Finance Authority of Maine) – the organization responsible for administering Maine’s higher education finance programs.

Credit Score

This site is the only site authorized by the federal government where you can obtain a free annual credit report.

Here’s a good description of the factors considered in calculating a credit score.

Mortgage Loans and Buying a Home

A home buyer’s guide from Quicken Loans that has helpful guidance for the entire process of buying a home.

Here’s a good mortgage calculator (one of thousands of on the internet).

Compound Interest

This article does a great job illustrating the incredible power of compounding interest.

Navigating Employment in Retirement

This website has some interesting resources for those thinking about ways to earn money in retirement.

Investing terms

By request of a financial literacy club for girls, here’s a glossary of stock market and investing terminology.