Allison V. Bishop, CPA

Financial Coach


Financial advice for parents

As a parent of four young children myself, I'm very sensitive to the variety of needs pulling at our families' limited resources. To try to help parents navigate through, I wrote an article on that topic which is published in the new issue of Essential Living Maine...

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Balancing Priorities for Parents

As originally published in Essential Living Maine, September/October 2016 Being a parent is tough on so many levels – there never seems to be enough time, money or sleep. With kids at home come so many important priorities pulling at ourselves and our resources. If...

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Financial Mindfulness

As originally published in Essential Living Maine, July/August 2016 Talk about mindfulness is everywhere now. Exercise, food, even parenting – we can be mindful in nearly every aspect of our lives. We can also be mindful of our money. If you’re not making active...

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Starting an Emergency Fund

Remember how in my first post I told you that living within your means refers to not only easily paying your regular expenses, but also putting some money aside every month?  This is where we’re going to talk about setting yourself up with a financial cushion to...

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Pay Attention to your Money

Be mindful of how you’re spending your money. I don’t care what you spend your money on.  Maybe your passion is rebuilding old cars and you spend lots of money on parts.  Maybe you love microbrews, and you travel around doing tastings at different breweries.  Maybe...

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The Absolute Basics

If you’re young and just starting out in the “real world,” you have a lot going on.  On the financial side, all of a sudden you have a regular salary and real responsibilities.   It’s easy to let your money disappear without thinking too hard about where it’s going. ...

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