About Allison

I’ve been a CPA for over twenty years.  Twelve years of preparing personal tax returns helped me recognize my passion for personal finance and helping people make wise and thoughtful financial decisions.

In the six years that I’ve had this business, I’ve had the pleasure of working with so many wonderful people.  I love my clients – they’re a fun, interesting group of people who genuinely care about being good stewards of their money and I’m so happy they’re willing to trust me to help them make progress toward financial wellness.

My Philosophy

Personal finance is my passion. 
I believe that everyone can and should make informed, conscious and purposeful decisions around their money. 
I believe that financial education should be available to everyone, starting with our youngest members of society.  
I believe that the mistakes we make with our money serve to help us make better and smarter choices in the future. 
I believe that money is not inherently good or evil but is simply a tool to help us reach our goals.

My Mission

My mission is to assist my clients in aligning their financial decisions with their values and to provide a friendly, confidential and non-judgmental environment in which clients feel comfortable discussing their personal finances.

Areas of Expertise

Financial Coaching

I help clients gain clarity, focus and direction around their money. Whether you’re looking to change bad financial habits or are just looking for more of a financial overview, I will work with you to identify your true priorities and come up with a reasonable plan to make progress towards all of your goals.


As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, I am trained in the tax and long-term financial consequences of decisions specific to divorce. Learn more about how I can help you navigate the complicated financial issues you’re facing in your divorce.

Starting Over

It can be overwhelming and lonely to suddenly be the sole person in charge of your finances, even for women who are financially savvy. Whether you’re newly single due to divorce or being widowed, I can help you get a handle on your finances and serve as a trusted guide through your transition.

Financial Wellness

I can work with you on creating and implementing a financial wellness program for your employees. I am also available to speak to groups on a wide range of topics of financial literacy, and can tailor my presentation to the needs of a specific audience.

What Can Financial Coaching Do For You?

Being a financial coach means I help people to take control of their finances and work with them to make conscious financial decisions.  As a coach, I seek to gain an understanding of my clients’ values and goals, and I help the individual understand the consequences of the choices available to her in order to assist her in making financial decisions that align with those goals.

● Find a confidential and non-judgmental environment to learn how to make wise financial decisions.
● Organize your finances.
● Gain control of your financial life so you can sleep at night.
● Identify your financial goals and values.
● Treat your money mindfully and ensure it’s going where you want it to go.
● Use your money as a tool to help attain your goals.
● Become a good steward of your money.

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Ways Financial Coaching Can Help You

Anyone who doesn’t feel entirely in control of their finances or who is looking for an overview of their financial situation from a trained professional could benefit from a coaching session.  We’re raised in a culture that discourages talking about money, and as a result, many people are never taught healthy financial habits.  Even worse, people are often afraid or embarrassed to talk about money, so they’re unable to find out the information they need to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.



I'm committed to educating people about their money.  Catch up with some of my recent blog posts below, and reach out if there's a topic you'd like me to address.

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Personal finance Q&A #1: paying bills late

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